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MS SQL Server Date Datatype

October 19, 2012

Hi I’ve got a MS SQL Server database and I’ve got a date column with the datatype ‘Date’ and in the MS SQL Server client the data in the table just shows the date – which is correct.

However in the GoDaddy MS SQL Server Web Client and in my web application that’s hosted here too, the date column displays a time as well – which isn’t what I want.

I’m using version 2008 on my hosting account aswell as on my desktop, so I’m not sure what the problem is.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


If you have remote access to the database, I would recommend connecting to the database and configuring it locally to meet your expectations. As for using the interface, you would need to use the database as is.

Can I connect to my database remotely?


Thanks for your response,

However, I originally connected to the database remotely to set up the tables and insert the data and the when I do this the data I see is correct. It’s only when I go to use this data in my .Net web application that the date field in my table all of a sudden shows a time value aswell which shouldn’t be the case as I’m only using the date datatype.

This is how it looks when I connect remotely using the MS SQL Server client installed on my desktop.

but then this is how it appears on the web client on GoDaddy and subsequently how it appears on my website.


Just wanted to check in with you and see if you have made progress in finding a solution. Without accessing the account and testing, I do not have further information to offer.


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